which fairness cream to use on oily n pimple prone skin?

by sabiha

hello. i am 25 yrs old.. i gone through serious pimple problems and finally get over it trough glycolic peelings. i have very oily n pimple prone skin but i need to make it fair.. please suggest me the sure way to get fair skin. any cream which can suits me best.


Hi Sabiha, our solution for acne-prone skin with dark acne scars can either be -

Diana Stalder DS Black Soap/Toner/Cream kit (Acne Scar Lightening Kit) or the Diana Stalder DS Papaya Soap and 15gm Kit.

If you simply want to use a skin lightening soap and cream, you can opt for the papaya soap and cream set. Otherwise, if you wish to include a skin toner in your regimen, which is usually advised for acne-prone skin, the former is a good option.


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