Wants to whiten dark leg (2) scars.

by TM

I had a sclerotheraphy injections almost 2 years ago but certified doctor in a hospital clinic here in Cebu. I have a lot of spider veins (more on my left leg), which is reddish & bluish in color. Some area pains esp. when a stand a bit longer. I had sclero sessions every saturdays, and had a lot of injections already, but there was two occasions when the injected portion became like a "wound".

I told the doctor about it but only said it was usual. He gave me a prescription of an anti-biotic cream, but when I felt it was becoming worse, I went to a skin doctore & gave me, an anti-inflammatory cream.

But when it healed the scar was really ugly. I spent a lot already on creams... tried SCAR STIK, *edited* WHITENING CREAM.... But it seems.... no improvement. I'm affraid of scar revision, it may get worse.

Thats why I'm asking if Gluta injection on the area is possible? What is V-Beam..? can it help? can you please send me any ideas on what to do. Can't wear dress .... it gives me low self-esteem.

I can send you the picture of my scar thru email. I also can't stand if the procedure will let me "sit" for a long time.

I am 48 yrs old, a mother of 2 with a special child to attend to. So, I'm always on my feet. Thank you so much for any help/ advis you could extend. God bless you.


Hi TM, being a mom as well, I do feel your frustration. Sometimes, when you thought this solution will end one problem, it leads to another, and costs you even more money.

From what I know, only laser scar therapy can significantly improve or get rid of scars, especially if they're keloid scars. Even if you use skin whitening products, it is not an assurance of removing it, but just to lighten the discoloration and improving its texture.

Gluta injections won't help. Steroid injections are given to keloid scars to flatten them.

Sometimes, it would help if you try doing something at home.

I believe the scar is still fresh, so try to massage Vitamin E oil (prick the gel capsule) on it everyday, at bedtime. At daytime, you can mix cucumber and lemon juice to improve the pigmentation. This will be a long process so be patient.

Otherwise, you can go through laser scar revision if you can afford it because I know you're a busy mom.

At any rate, I hope the foregoing helps you a bit. :)

Take care,

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