very dark vaginal/anus area

by Sarah

Hello, my pubic area, mainly around my vagina lips (even including the lips) are very dark, and so does my anus area, and im looking at the diana stalder lightening cream/rollon products.

are the Diana stalder lightening cream/roll-on products ok for my genital area?
I read that the whitening product will peel off the skin, and I dont think it's a good idea to make my pubic area skin to be the pubic area skin are very sensitive..

So m I at the right direction of choosing the above skin whitening products or those are only for the inner thighs and not ideal for pubic area? and which soap can i use to help with my dark pubic area??

thank you very much!


Hi Sarah, true, the vaginal area/ inner thighs are sensitive skin, and that's why we have given special directions for the use of skin whitening products (Deo Rollon and Lightening Cream) on these areas -

"NOTE ON DARK UNDERARMS AND INNER THIGHS: Dark underarms and inner thighs are a little difficult to treat because these are constantly exposed to friction - rubbing against surrounding skin and clothing we wear daily. When skin starts to peel, it is actually more prone to skin darkening when again exposed to friction, so lessen the usage of the products when this happens.

Use with care, because we do not want to over-exfoliate or over-peel thin and sensitive skin.

Try to wear loose clothing during the process and bedtime application is suggested because skin is at rest."

Hope that gives you a better idea.


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