Very dark groin and butt

by Alexis

Hi Maria, I am Asian, and I have a very dark groin and butt. They have been my problems for years. Lately, I bleached them (groin, butt, including the butt crack) using bleaching cream. But to my HORROR, my groin, butt and crack have become darker. And I think that I might have BURNED them. How else can I lighten these areas. PLEASE HELP! I AM SO DESPERATE FOR YOUR ADVICE. What's the best DIANA STALDER'S RPODUCTS for these. PLEASE HELP!


Hi Alexis, the groin and butt crack are sensitive areas and using strong bleaching creams can overexfoliate them and become darker than before due to friction - daily rubbing against surrounding skin and clothes we wear. YOu see, when skin is peeling, it is more sensitive to friction. Imagine rubbing fresh skin against surfaces, thus making skin sore and darken when healed.

For now, make sure you have rested your skin from any skin whitener for at least 3 weeks, or until the butt and groin area are dry without any more soreness or redness.

Other thing, do NOT use skin whitening or any exfoliating products on the butt crack. Skin lightening should only be applied on external areas of the genitals and butt.

After healing for 3 weeks, you can try Diana Stalder Papaya Soap and Lightening Lotion.

In the instruction sheet that will come with them, focus on the detailed instructions for dark inner thighs and give your best to follow the directions properly. You will have a better chance of achieving your results. :)


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Lost directions
by: Anonymous

Hi, I lost directions for whitening on groin area, the first product I put on 3 days in a row, do I shower? And do I peel off? I'm in the dark please help.


Hello, pls send us an email so we can provide you a copy for your reference and guidance. Basically it's used once a day at bedtime, and yes, apply after shower or washing the area. And for proper skin whitening care, you can find that in the instruction sheet that we will provide.


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