Unsafe Skin Whiteners
- Hydroquinone, Mercury, Steroids -
Know them. Avoid them.

Well, here are most of the unsafe skin whiteners. I will keep updating this for you every time I get new information. So, when in doubt of a product, just take a look below.

Skin Lightening / Whitening / Bleaching Products with Hydroquinone:

A3 Cleartouch Complexion Lotion
A3 Lemon Skin Lightening Lotion
A3 Skin Lightening Cream
A3 Triple Action Cream Pearl Light
Ambi American Formula
Ambi Extra Complexion Cream For Men
Ambi Special Complexion Cream
Amira Cream or Magic Cream
Baraka Skin Lightening Cream
Binti Jambo Cream
Body Clear / Body Clear Cream
Butone Cream
Care Plus Fairness Cream
Carekako Medicated Cream
Cherie Claire Body Beauty Lightening & Treating Soap
Claire Creme
Clear Essence Medicated Fade Cream
Clear Essence Skin Beautyfying Milk
Clear Touch Cream / Lotion
Cleartone Skin Toning Cream
Clere Extra Cream
Clere Lemon Cream
Crusader Skin Toning Cream
Crusader Ultra Brand Cream
Dear Heart With Hydroquinone Cream
Dream Successful
Elegance Skin Lightening Cream
Envi Skin Toner
Extra Clair Lightening Body Lotion
Fade Out Cream
Fair & White Body Clearing Milk
Fairlady Skin Lightening Cream
Fulani Crème Eclaircissante
Glotone Complexion Cream
Ikb Medicated Cream
Immediate Claire Lightening Beauty Soap
Island Beauty Skin Fade Cream
Jaribu Cream
Jaribu Skin Lightening Lotion
Kiss Lotion
Kiss-Medicated Beauty Cream
Lady Claire
Lightening Body Cream
Lolane Cream
M.G.C. Extra Clear
Madonna Medicated Cream
Malaika Medicated Beauty Cream
Malibu Medicated Cream
Mekako Cream
Mic Skin Lightener Cream
Miki Beauty Cream
Mr. Clere Cream
Mrembo Medicated Beauty Cream
Nadinola Cream
Nindola Cream
Nish Medicated Cream
O'nyia Skin Crème
Palmer's Skin Success Fade Cream
Peau Claire Beauty Body Lotion
Peau Claire Crème Eclaircissante
Peau Claire Lightening Body Oil
Precieux Treatment Beauty Lotion
Princess Lotion
Princess Medicated Beauty Cream Immediat Claire
Princess Patra Luxury Complexion Cream
Rico Complexion Cream
Rico Skin Lightening Lotion
Rico Skin Tone Crème
Shirley Cream
Sivoclair Lightening Body Lotion
Symba Crème Skin Lite 'N'smooth
Tonight Night Beauty Cream
Top Lemon Plus Cream
Topiclear / Topiclear Cream
Tura Skin Toning Cream
Ultime Skin Lightening Cream
Ultra Clear
Uno21 Cream
Viva Super Lemon
Yesako Medicated Beauty Cream
Zarina Medicated Skin Lightener Cream

Skin Lightening / Whitening / Bleaching Products with Mercury:

Fair Lady
New Shirley Medicated Cream
Pimplex Medicated Cream

Skin Lightening / Whitening / Bleaching Products with Steroids:

Action Demovate Cream
Action Demovate Gel Plus
Age Renewal Cream
Betalemon Cream
Body Clear Cream Spot Remover
Body Treat Cream Spot Remover
Clair & Lovely Gel
Dark & Lovely Cream / Gel
Dermo -Gel Plus
Fair & White Gel Plus
Fashion Fair Cream
Fashion Fair Gel Plus
First Class Lady Cream
Hot Movate Gel
Hot Prosone Gel
Jaribu Beta - Β Cream
Lemonvate Cream
Movate Cream
Neu Clear Cream Plus
Neu Clear Gel
Peau Clair Cream / Gel Plus
Pro-One Gel Mca
Prosone Gel
Regge Lemon Gel
Secret Gel
Sivoclair Cream
Skin Balance Cream/Gel Wrinkle Remover
Skin Balance Lemon Cream
Skin Success Cream / Gel
Soft & Beautiful Gel / Cream
Tcb Gel Plus
Top Gel Plus
Topifram Cream
Topifram Gel Plus
Ultimate Lady Gel
Ultra-Gel Plus
Unic Clear Super Cream
Visible Difference Gel

If you're looking or safe and effective skin lightening products,
this is the way to go.

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