turmeric powder as whitening substance?

by yassmine

hello maria im yassmine can i use turmeric powder for whitening my skin and are ther receipts i can make using turmeric powder with them to whiten my skin?

also i,m using lemon to whiten my whole skin body and face is it bad if i use lemon on face while sleeping?at night and wash it at morning what can i add to lemon to make it more effective for my skin to get whiter thank you yassmine


Hi Yassmine, turmeric powder is a natural whitening ingredient, you can mix it with lemon and cucumber juice and apply on skin.

Avoid leaving homemade concoctions on face to avoid any irritation. Leave it on face for 10 minutes and wash off.

Unlike skin lightening creams, home remedies are not exactly formulated with the right measurement of ingredients. So take extra caution not to overuse them.


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