Skin Tone Chart
What Is Your Skin Type?

This is an easy skin tone chart. Take a look at what your skin type is, and determine what lighter shade you want to achieve.

Check out the right side of the chart which is an 18-shade guide from the darkest to lightest skin tone. When you know your skin type, it will not be difficult to visualize how many shades lighter you would be when choosing a good skin whitener.

For example, if your skin type belongs to shade number 12 and you want to get 3 shades lighter, achieving shade number 9 is possible.

Always remember that your results will be unique to you depending on your skin sensitivity to a skin lightening product. You can reach your goal by trying any of our skin whitening creams, lotions, soaps or pills.

So look below, and see how you can improve to a better 'you'. :)

Skin tone chart for skin whitening

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