skin lightening pills

by Beatrice
(Kenya, Africa)

hi maria, first i realy want to thank you 4 wat your doing. Ok, my question, i have been using skin lightening creams, they are not that effective plus they have given me dark circles around my eyes. So i thot the best thing is for me to take the pills and how can i get rid of the dark patch around my eyes? And how much are your pills?

Plus the same creams have turned my stretchmarks on my arms to be very red, and they are now conspicous to th extent that i cannot wear sleeveless. Please tel me the pills wont have th same effect? I really feel that the pils wil help me more, Maria, pleas advice me.


Hi Beatrice, thank you for appreciating our efforts. Working or not, we will be here to help you get the most from our skin whitening products.

Honestly, like the whitening soaps, lotions or creams, the pills are not guaranteed for results. It may or may not work for you depending on your metabolism and functional system, because these are just vitamins that will manifest skin lightening as a side effect, and not its major function.

As to your condition, I'm sorry to hear the products didn't work well for you, but you shouldn't have used them on the eye area, because this is our thinnest and most sensitive skin. But dont worry too much, because the dark circles you have is only on the topmost layer of skin, and use these tips to remove dark circes under eyes to get rid of them.

As to your red stretchmarks, if you have used the whitening creams exactly as directed, it only means you have sensitive skin, and that you should have reduced the frequency of application of the cream. If you used once daily (not twice), use 2-3x a week for senstivie skin.

For now, rest your skin from any skin whitening product for at least 2 weeks to allow skin to heal. Once it dries up and the redness is gone, you can resume the whitening cream and start on the inner skin of the elbows to see if your skin can really handle it even slightly. Leave the cream on overnight. The next day, if there is no reaction, start applying the cream 2-3x a week only, then see how it goes this time.

You can post below this page under "Comments" for your update/s so I will be here to monitor youa s well. :)


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