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Quick skin bleaching can be done. This does not mean using skin whitening products more than the recommended usage to supposedly hasten the results, because that would only mean disaster and consequently, delaying the desired effects.

As I've emphasized, success in skin lightening does not rely on skin whitening products alone. Discipline in following directions is the key.

Stay with me and I will teach you how to do it the right way. The right way is the fastest way.

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Dermaline Quick Skin Bleaching -

1. Choose Papaya or Black Skin Whitening Soap as your daily facial and/or body wash by lathering soap on hands first, and leaving it on for a few minutes before washing off. TIP/OPTION: Best to use Papaya soap first then after skin peels, use the Black soap thereafter.

2. Apply the Dermaline Skin Whitening Cream on face and neck. (TIP: To save on the cream, spray some purified or mineral water from a mister on face to damp it, then put on a pea size (or less) Whitening / Lightening Cream for best absorption and a smoother, even and thinner application.) Also best for dark knees, elbows, knuckles (2x a day) and underarms, inner thighs (1x a day).

NOTE: The 500-gm cream is recommended if you want to use the cream for the whole body without the need for whitening lotion anymore.

3. Apply the Whitening Lotion on larger body areas that need to be lightened (arms, legs, back, etc). (TIP: Best after shower while skin's still wet for best absorption and a smoother, even, and thinner application.)

Additional instructions: 10 minutes after applying the whitening cream, you can apply your favorite facial and body moisturizers to give that rosy effect when skin starts to peel. Again, do this preferably NIGHTLY when skin needs to rest. At DAYTIME, apply a high SPF sunscreen (preferably SPF45 or higher) on sun exposed areas like face, neck, arms or legs. If you choose to the both steps at daytime, apply the sunscreen 10 minutes after the whitening cream.

Skin lightening involves skin peeling, which can make skin dry and look ashy prior to shedding off dark skin patches. You may feel stinging, burning, redness or itching sensation which is normal. Once you see the first signs of peeling, or feel uncomfortable with the sting, simply lessen the use of the products according to your comfort level. The skin lightening process should never be a discomfort to the user.

And these quick skin bleaching tips is your shortcut to rosy, whiter skin.

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