problems with fingers and feet lightening

by Anonymous

Hi,i'm naturally brown in complexion with uneven skin tone.The skin around my fingers to my wrist and my feet are darker than the rest of my body.I also have dark spots on my legs but it is not my main problem.I've used many lightening creams with good results on my body but my feet and hands remain dark with no change at all and it's usually embarrasing to me.If my hands and feet were even with the rest of my body i will not have to buy lightening products.I try to even my skin but my hands and feet don't respond at all.I went through your website and was wondering if the black soap,white lightening cream and white lightening lotion kit will help me.Do you have any suggestions?


Hello, the Black Soap is a mild skin lightening soap. You will need a stronger whitening soap because dark hands and feet are thick-skinned and not sensitive. It may take time as your pigmentation seems to be a little stubborn. Be patient when treating them. Your results will depend on your skin sensitivity. It may either be a fast or slow improvement.

Try Diana Stalder Glutathione Soap and Lightening Cream.

Lather and leave on the Glutathione soap on hands and feet for 5 minutes or longer before rinsing off. The apply the lightening cream. Do this 2x a day. When skin starts to peel, reduce product usage to once a day, until you reach the desired results.

Hope this works for you.


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dark feet PROBLM
by: arshiya

Feet Finger Darkness Problem, pls pls PLS GIVE ME NICE & EASY ONE finger is very very dark black it should go.


Hi Arshiya, try these, might help you - Diana Stalder Glutathione Soap and Lightening Lotion.

Remember, dark feet and fingers are thick-skinned. Be patient and consistent. You should see an improvement in 4 weeks.


REPLY to 'problem curable'
by: Anonymous

Thnx anonymous 4 your contribution.I will try that.

Problem cureable
by: Jan

I had a similar problem on my feet because here in hot and sunny Florida most people wear sandals, open toe shoes and flip flops, feet seem to get darker from tanning. My results were amazing. five (5)days of using Papaya Kojic soap worked a miracle for me. Try it. I was doing it twice a day, an added bonus was my feet started getting sweaty, that seems to be under control also.

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