Pigmentation / Uneven Skin Tone

by Sheilla

Hi, my pigmentation started 7years ago. Initially it was not bad but it got worst after I started using hydroquinone product for almost 5years. It looked for a year or so when I was using the hydroquinon products but when I stopped my skin has gone from bad to worst. My face and neck has gone very dark compared to my original skin tone. My body tone is very much lighter than my face and neck on top of that I have dark patches at the side of both cheeck bones(near the ears. I look 3 shades darker compared to my chest and and body hence i could not tie up my hair.

I am allergic to Glycolic acid and arbutin. I tried using godiva which has got glycolic acid it made my skin break out and my skin has gone even darker. At present I am just using Godiva soap, and mandelic serum 10% to peel my skin pigmentation but it is almost a year now but I don't see any changes. There is a light peel and the skin becomes dark again.

I have wasted so much money on all types of product at times I feel that nothing will work for me. All I want is to get back to my original colour. Of course with a flawless skin. Is it possible with your products.

What are the ingredients in your products????Hope it is not glycolic acid. I am sorry for writting a long tale but I just wanted to make sure that I am not going to invest on a wrong product again. I live in Dubai do you ship products to dubai??? Do you accept Debit Card visa electron or else i would have to pay by western union.

Please give me positive answer.

Thank you & regards,


Hi Sheilla, I do sympathize with your situation, and I know it must be hard. It's ok to post a long message. I actually encourage it to understand each one's unique situation better. Although I cannot guarantee that our products will work for you unless you try them, because everything will depend on your own skin sensitivity to the product, especially after you have used hydroquinone-based products for 5 years. But I can recommend what I think is best for you based on the facts that you provided above.

The Papaya Soap Skin Whitening Set does not contain any glycolic or arbutin ingredient. Follow the instructions that come with the package. Also make sure you use at least SPF 45 (or higher is much better) DAILY whenever you go outdoors at daytime.

Try using Visa Electron thru our shopping cart and if it doesn't work, email me thru the "Contact Us" page and I'll give you instructions on how to pay via Western Union.

Hoping to have you join our growing number of satisfied customers very soon. :-)


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a complain
by: Anonymous

please i have a big problem u rubbed black soap on my face which later dried up and afterwards it began to peel naw one part of my face is lighter than the other wat i'm i supposed to do please.


Hello, the normal side effects of the process involve redness, itching, stinging, dryness, then peeling. All of these should NOT be a discomfort to you, so use within your comfort level. If daily use is not tolerable, lessen the application according to your skin sensitivity.

After you reach the desired results, maintenance is only 1-2x a week.

However, if you're getting itchy red rashes or breakouts, that is a sign of irritation and over-sensitive skin. Discontinue use.

For now, you can concentrate more on the darker side of your face, and use less on the lighter side. For whatever reason, the darker side may have had more sun exposure, less sun protection, etc. At any rate, pls follow the suggestion above.

I'll be here if you have more questions.


by: Anonymous

Dear Maria

Since you said that papaya soap will induce peeling I started using the black licorise soap eventhough I prefer the papaya soap better than the black soap. My questions are:-

1) My skin does not glow like before when I used to use the papaya soap. The black licorise soap has made my skin very dry and and no amount of moisturiser or oil is making my skin soft or supple. I even bought a vitamin E replenishing oil to address the dryness but it is not working. My skin feels taut and look very dry(like aged skin) I did not experience this with dermaline papaya soap and the whitening cream. I am going for a vacation and I want your advice so that I can get back my glow. I have never seen my skin peeling with papaya soap but my pigmentation was going off gradually but with black soap I am seeing so much of peeling but I don't see any lightening on pigmentation now. Have I done any mitakes in my regimen.

The glutathione soap which I am using for my legs has started showing some results. My legs have lighten a bit and its only 3weeks now.

I am more worried about my face now. Please advice.



Hi Sheilla, you can go back to the papaya soap or glutathione soap if that works for your type of skin better. The good thins is you know what type of whitening soap is suitable for your unique skin sensitivity. If you're on the maintenance stage already, reduce the use or leave on time of the soaps to avoid too much peeling and just keep the results that way.

Don't forget your daily sunscreen. :-)


by: Anonymous

Dear Maria

I am very very happy with these products. I can see lightining at the side of my cheeks(near the ears). I have spent so much money on so many products but never had I experienced any lightening at that part of my face. Though I have not achieved the even tone yet but I am very sure that I will see an even skin tone soon.

My questions are -

1)I like the papaya soap better than than the black licorice can I continue to use the papaya soap will there be any side effects if I use it too long.

2) At the moment I really don't know which moituriser to use as all my moisturiser contains active ingredients and I am worried that it will be too much for my skin. I still have the godiva brightening moisturiser. The ingredients are as following:-Glabridin from Licorice Extract, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. Also contains: Water, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lactate, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Isocetyl Alcohol, Ceteareth and Stearyl Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Dimenthicone, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, BHT

Can I still use the above mentioned cream. I just want a mild moisturiser to ease my itchiness & dryness.

If the above is not suitable what would you suggest. I am sorry to post such a long mail

Thank you, Maria



Hi Sheilla, great to hear it's working for you. Gradually, I'm positive you'll achieve your desired results. Let me address your questions -

1. Sure you can use the papaya soap. Just remember this is a strong soap that can always induce skin peeling so do not overuse. Especially for the face, use as daily facial wash without leave-on time if you're on the maintenance stage already. Or even less than that depending on how sensitive your skin is.

2. Godiva is a skin lightener and may interact with your current regimen. You can try Jergens, Neutrogena, Aveeno or Vaseline. Any of these can work well. Me? I just switch from one of these brands to another. :-)

You're welcome,

Papaya Soap Set
by: Sheilla

Dear Maria,

I have been using the Papaya set(Dermaline) for the past 6 days and my skin has started to peel. What I do is I use the papaya soap and leave it for sometime and then apply the whitening cream after 10 mins i apply ROC Moisturiser which consists of (shea butter,vaseline & Vitamen E. In the morning I apply moisturiser and Neutrogena Sunblock spf 50.

My cheeks and nose have peeled and I could feel the burning and itchy feelings at times. My real target is at the side of the ears and neck. That part there is very little peeling. My questions are:-

1) Should I stop papaya soap and start the black kojic soap now. What will happen to the side of my cheeks and neck they are still dark with pigment.

2) Though there is peeling going on my overall skin has gone a little darker will this problem remain till I stop using the set.

3) I know its still early to say anything but I would like to know what I should do next...I also have a glugothaine soap from DS.

Please advice.

Thank you & regards


Hi Sheilla, you have been good in your regimen. Now to answer your questions -

1. You can stop the papaya soap on the face and use the black soap hereon. However, for the areas that you feel have not totally peeled yet, continue the use of the papaya soap. The ears are thick-skinned so it can take a few more days to react.

2. Tr to avoid sun exposure between 10am-3pm. This stage when skin is peeling, it is sun sensitive and easily prone to further skin darkening. Also, skin may look ashy or darker but it will fade in the process as the new fresher lighter skin tone resurfaces.

3. You are still on your first week of the regimen. Most users don't see the desired result in the first 7 days. Give it a couple more weeks and see how it goes.

You can always come back here so we can monitor your progress. :-)


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