Permanent Skin Whitening and Bleaching
Can It Be Done?

Some ask me, “Will I be on a skin lightening treatment forever?”

Permanent skin whitening and bleaching can be achieved through maintenance. Let me rephrase that with “long term effects”, rather than “permanent”. After you have achieved the desired results, continued product usage will only be minimal, thus saving on costs.

skin whitening and bleachingYou may not realize it but any skin or hair care routine needs maintenance too. Why? Because results are likewise NOT permanent. This can include anti-acne or anti-aging care, hair dyeing, hair conditioning, body moisturizing, sunscreen protection, even a manicure.

If you stop using your antiaging cream, wouldn’t your crow’s feet get worse? If you stop moisturizing, would your skin stay supple until the next few days?

I don’t think so.

Skin lightening (or skin tanning) is no exception. Every product has its purpose, and is meant to eliminate, reduce or…

Make sure the skin problem doesn't come back.

After all, you want to stay clear of unwanted hyperpigmentations, right?

Maintenance is the least expensive in skin whitening and bleaching because the frequency of use is considerably reduced once you reach the desired effect. Unlike other skin or hair care routines mentioned above, you’ll need to spend the same cost to bring back the original effect.

It is important to note that sunscreen plays a major part in skin lightening maintenance. Without sunscreen, skin whitening is futile.

Skin whitening is a gradual process. Results will vary per individual’s unique skin sensitivity. I’ve seen results in 3 days, others in 2-3 weeks. Some needed more time.

Generally speaking, the darker your skin pigmentation, the longer you have to stay on the whitening regimen and wait until visible lightening takes place.

And I’ve also seen no skin lightening results at all (except that their skin became softer) from one or two users. And another couple had allergic reactions because of very sensitive skin (please do skin test if you fall into this category, or not use the products at all).

But did you know that there is one permanent skin whitening and bleaching cream?

The brand name is Benoquin which contains monobenzone which should ONLY be used for bad cases of vitiligo (disfiguring condition characterized by patch loss of pigmentation). It is a permanent depigmenting agent used to create a uniformly totally white appearance on vitiligo skin where residual areas still have some pigmentation.

Now that’s creepy...

Do not use this medication for other skin hyperpigmentation problems like what we discuss on this site.

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