Papaya or Glutathione Soap?

by Fatima

Hi! I've been using the Glutathione Soap for a few days now but I'm still confused with which, REALLY, I should use. I'm using it mainly for my bacne marks. I also decided to use it on my arms, bikini line, and abdomen. My back is still prone to bacnes so I also use Lemon Soap before the Glutathione Soap.

I want to know what each soap's main targets are. Which is more effective? And btw, my skin is not so sensitive.

I also have a dark area around my navel. I've been applying whitening cream on it but I don't know if I'm doing it right. When and how much cream should I apply?

Thank you so much!


Hi Fatima, papaya soap is better for acne-prone skin. Glutathione soap is good for lightening and renewal of skin, but papaya soap seems to suit oily skin types better.

The skin whitening cream is applied directly on affected area - around the navel. Apply thinly once a day at bedtime. Avoid too tight clothes/jeans around the waist for best results.

Hope that helps.


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Glutathione soap
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm using this Glutathione soap for a week now which i got from a drug store name *edited* bar. I kind of cannot see any difference. my skin is very dry now and i feel i look darker including my face. my skin tone is brown. and i have acne on my face only. im using the soap all over my body, apply it on wet body and leave it on for 10min (2times a day). and after shower im using Vaseline healthy white lotion. pls help i need to know if the soap is making my skin darker or it will take time to get the result. or shall i change the lotion? pls help.


Hello, dryness and peeling are normal side effects of skin whitening. However, if it's uncomfortable for you, reduce usage of the skin whitening soap within your comfort level. Using 2x a day is not recommended because glutathione soaps are generally strong. Your skin is over-drying. Use 3-4x a week only.



Whitening Cream
by: Fatima

Hi again. I've been using the whitening cream around my navel for almost a month now and sadly, there are still no visible changes. =(

But fortunately, I can see results in my back =)


Hi Fatima, try the whitening cream for the navel. Just make sure you don't wear tight jeans that causes pressure on skin being treated for lightening.


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