Need help for dark underarms

I am american/mexican girl I have dark underarms :/ I hate it because I can't wear dresses or the shirts that I would want to, do to the fact that I have dark underarms. I also have dark inner thighs , i' am assuming due to when I was young all I would wear was shorts and maybe my thighs would rub together so much ! I need a miracle.

If you could let me know what skin lightening product i need... I would really appreciate. I tried the lemon method and nothing, i've scrubbed and scrubbed and nothing. I also would like to know what deo. I can use, I used all deos. And none seem to satisfy me cause I always tend to get rashes and sweat (get wet) even for no reason.


Hello, if you haven't tried our Diana Stalder DS Lightening Deodorant, it is an all-in-one skin whitener, antiperspirant and deodorant. Worth a try. Give it up to 6 weeks and see if it works well with your skin type.

For dark inner thighs, Dermaline skin whitening cream is a good bet. Follow the instructions in the catalog that will come with it, especially the section for dark underarms and inner thighs. :)


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