by Natasha
(PA )

Hello, I have ordered the Diane Stalders GLut soap and the Papaya Kojic soap. I been using it for about 3 1/2 weeks and I started to notice that it was a little peeling but then I havent noticed anything else and it seems like the soaps are making my neck darker. I am in desperate needs of what to do and which soap I should use. This is something I had all my life. As a thin girl. I would use the Glut soap in the morning for about 5 minutes, followed by the Papaya soap for about the same, and then I would repeat in the afternoon and then at night. Am I using too much, I just dont understand what is happening.


Hi Natasha, your skin has been irritated because you are using the skin whitening soaps WAY TOO MUCH. You only use one soap at a time, and once a day is enough.

Please review the instruction sheet to understand how the skin lightening process works. The glutathione soap is a strong soap but can be used with care for the tHin and sensitive skin on the neck. After the glutathioe soap is used up, that is the time you can switch to the papaya soap. Use within your comfort level, meaning, not too much stinging, peeling, redness or itching. Soon as the neck starts to peel, reduce the usage of the product further to avoid overpeeling, until you reach the desired results. Maintain by using th skin whitening soap 1-2x a week.

Right now, rest your skin from any skin lightening product to let it heal. Thereafter, you can resume the skin lightening process.

Take care,

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