My Facial Shaving Problem's Of Razer Bumps, Ingrown Hair, And Irritation Resulting In Dark Marks/Scars On My Face!!

by Jay

Maria, I am a 23 year old black male with light, fair skin. I have tried everything possible to avoid razor bumps, ingrown hairs, the red irritation it causes and the dark scars and marks left on my face. Could you give me specific information to obtain healthy, clear, scar free skin on my face before, during and after shaving?

What type of shaving products, razers and proceedures should I follow to avoid the facial problems I'm having due to shaving? Should I continue to use after shave lotion and over the counter products or see a Dermotologist for perscription products? This irration, ingrown hairs and dark marks on my face is very noticeable and very much imbarrassing.

For the ingrown hairs, I was told to pull them out with a sterile pin and pluck them out with a tweezer. Then I heard that you are not suppose to pull out the ingrown hairs with a tweezer because that is what causes the irritation and marks. I use desposable razers and use a new one each week. At one point, I was using an electric razer but it was no better. I wash my face in the morning and at night with a moisturizing soap. I don't have any acne but the marks and razer bumps are becoming more noticeable.

What am I doing wrong or what should I be doing that I may not be doing to address this problem and clear up my face? Your products of "bleaching" and "whitening" would be great to lighten the marks but because my skin is sensitive, which of the two products should I use? Also which one of your soap's would give me maximum results of lightening the marks on my sensitive skin? Will the products that you offer address all of my facial issues or would I have to use your products in addition to over the counter or perscription products?

Thank you for helping me with these facial problems and I will look foward to hearing from you very soon.



Hi Jay, I'm no expert in proper shaving but have some ideas I can share with you, not because I shave, but because I have a husband who does.

Salicylic acid is the main ingredient to look for an after shave lotion. It exfoliates, moisturizes, and clears you pores. NEVER use products that contain alcohol because it dries up skin, closes your pores which traps the ingrown hair. Also avoid foam shaving creams because these dry up skin. There is this non-acnegenic shaving creams which are good for sensitive skin.

If you're shaving too closely and pulling your skin, these are the main causes of razor bumps. Hair cut too close to the skin tends to get stuck inside. See? So don't pull skin when shaving, shave with the grain (direction of hair) and don't apply pressure on the razor as well (prefer a single blade razor).

If dark marks still remain, you can try Diana Stalder Lightening Cream but make sure you only use this if skin is NOT red or irritated. Apply 2-3x a week.

Hope that helps you in your goal.


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by: Anonymous

I'm a 20 year old black male and had experience the same thing. It started when a job made me shave with a throw away razor bc i had a small beard. Anyways i tried bumpstopper screams, but it just dried up my skin. So i just got a facial wash for blackheads and start using it everyday to clean my skin. Then for the bumps I got the liquid bumbstopper to dry the bumps out. And likea couple of hours most be dried up. Then I just used Magic Cream Shave Razorless Beard Remover. That along will pull all the hair out yo face, just dont use everyday because it could irritate your skin. I just use it every 4 to 5 days. So i most use the bladeless clippers thing. (forgot the name of them new clippers. Then to clear yo face u can just buy the ambi cream. Put that shit on twice a day after u wash your face. Take about 3 to four weeks to clear yo skin with the ambi creme. But u gone c results n days

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