Microneedling and scar adoction

by Anto

Hi Maria, I have got lots of pimples for my teen age .. Due to that i have ended up with scars and my skin is dark .. So when i consulted a dermatologist i was given sortret for 3 months and after the acne got reduced microneedling and scar treatment was done and was advised to stay away for Sunlight for a week & i stayed at home for almost a month but after that when i started coming out for my normal work i have started getting getting pigmentation in the areas where the treatment is done (cheeks)...

and then i have started using melacare cream which gave good results but another dermatologist asked me not to use that and advised me with Kojivit gel and sunban with spf 50 but my skin is getting more darker now a days , and pathes of pigmentation in some areas ..Pls advise whether kojivit gel can be used ???


Hi Anto, there is nothing wrong with Kojivit Gel if it works for your type of skin. It has kojic acid as its lightening agent which is also a safe ingredient.

I'm not sure how much sun exposure you're getting between 10am-3pm daily, because this is the primary cause of dark pigmentation, especially for healing acne scars.

Of course you are welcome to try our whitening products but if it's Melacare that works for you better than Kojivit, then stick to it. You should also get a higher SPF sunscreen (there are SPF70 and higher) because you are prone to skin darkening.

Too much sun exposure because can make all your efforts futile. Skin under a skin lightening process is sun sensitive and can get darker than before. This is where it usually gets wrong. You should get minimal sun exposure and wear sunscreen whenever outdoors, re-applying every 2 hours for prolonged sun exposure.

Avoiding too much sun is actually a good thing whether or not you're in a skin lightening regimen or not. Because sun damage gives us premature wrinkles, freckles and age spots.

Hope that gives you a better idea.

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Please help
by: Anonymous

Dear Maria,

I find this blog to be very interesting and I really appreciate your patience in answering our questions.

I have used *edited* with VLCC sunscreen lotion(SPF30) for 2 months before my marriage and it was like a miracle that I have become so fair. But, after marriage when I stopped using Melacare, my skin stared turning black due to pigmentation specially near eyes, corners of forehead and under chin.

And I start to my office daily at 12 noon; and thus my skin is getting exposed to sun (but its just 10 mins walkable distance from my home to office).

Is this because my skin got addicted to *edited*?
Could you kindly suggest if I should use *edited* again or do we have any natural products to overcome this pigmentation.

Could you suggest if this pigmentation is because of me not using *edited* or exposure of skin to sun daily for 10mins. Please advice.

Awaiting your kind reply



Hi Annie, thanks for your kind compliment. :)

Skin whitening is not permanent, it requires maintenance to keep the results lasting. If you use any skin whitener, skin becomes sun sensitive because fresh lighter skin resurfaces which is prone to darkening when sun exposed.

After you stop using the skin whitening cream, skin remains sun sensitive for a while. It might be at this time that pigmentations developed even with 10 minutes of sun exposure.

Even with sunscreen, skin tanning cannot be totally blocked, only controlled.

Solution? Since that skin whitening cream worked well for you, you can go back and use it again to regain your previous results.

Remember, the sun is at its worst at 12nn. Besides sunscreen, it might help if you use a hat or umbrella too.


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dermatologist approved?
by: Anonymous

Hi Maria how are you?
is the skin whitening products dermatologist approved?
thank you!


Hello, our skin whiteners solicit approval from the FDA, not dermatologists. But of course, dermatologists would love our products as well. :)


papaya kojic soap
by: Anonymous

Maria ,

Can you tell me from where I can get papaya kojic acid soap in India .Can you send me the link if I have to purchase it online.Also suggest the brand that really works.


Hello, we do not have a reseller in India yet, so you can only purchase our skin whitening products online with your credit card using our shopping cart "Add to Cart" buttons under "non-US shipping" or "Express non-US shipping". If you dont have a credit card, you can also pay via Western Union and the instructions are at the bottom of the page where you saw any of our skin whiteners.

You can purchase the Papaya Kojic Acid Soap here.


Re: Microneedling and scar adoctiion
by: Anto

Hi Maria, Thanks for ur reply regarding my pigmentation problem. You said that if melacare works good for me i can continue using that but Melacare (From Ajanta combination of Hydroquinone USP 2%, Tretionoin USP 0.025% w/w, Mometasone Furoate 0.1%), which actually consists of hydroquinone which i learnt can lead to skin cancer in future ..So pls let me know whether i can use that ??

Now am using Kojivit ( combination of kojic acid dipalmitatae,octinoxate ,arbutin , mullbery extract,Vitamin E acetate )but its not effective and fast as melacare , But i hav just started using this product as advised by my dermatologist..

Last tym u hav asked me about my exposure to sun from 10 to 3, i avoid travelling at that time .But when i start to office at 9.30 am its difficult to use Sunban (50spf ) and enter office premises so am not using in the morning and our part of India is very hot and humid. I am getting acne as well pls advise me with the natural food items and routine to be followed to achieve a good & fair complexion also as to avoid acne..

But u have been wonderful in replying patiently hope you help me in this as well ..

Thanks a lot



Hi Anto, forget about Melacare. And you're right, it has hydroquinone which can harm skin especially after long term use.

Sunscreen is part of the key to successfully eliminating dark pigmentations. Without sunscreen, your regimen would be useless. The skin lighteners can only lighten dark skin spots, but sunscreen can keep it that way by controlling (nothing can totally block sun damage) further pigmentation.

If Kojivit doesn't work well for you, try our skin lightening soaps. We have had success stories about skin lightening and acne control with the soaps. We have the Papaya Kojic Acid Soap that can exfoliate dead skin cells, excess dirt and oils that cause acne, then followed up by the Black Soap can work wonderfully for your purpose.

For a good diet, avoid foods with saturated fats and trans fats can contribute to oily skin, which are found mostly in meats, dairy, and poultry. Healthy fats come from fish, or flaxseed or hempseed oil. Also try to eat well-ripened fruits. as much as you can.

Did you know eating 2-4 egg yolks a week can help too? Because it increases the body's protein and retain water. More water, less sebum that causes acne. Try to research more high protein foods that you like.

And you're welcome. Good luck and hope you get better soon. :-)


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