lightening body lotion and soap to lighten black skin?

by Fatima

hi maria my name is fatima i live in uk iv been looking for good skin lightening for some time i have used others bfor but i don't get the result i want and i have dark hand and feet the rest of my body is lighter can ur product b the solution but if i buy just the body cream and the soap can that b of help ?


Hi Fatima, we do not fully guarantee that any or all of our skin whitener products WILL work for everybody, but it CAN work for ANY type of skin tone. You see, each of us has a different and unique type of skin sensitivity, that depends on how your skin will react to a product.

What we can only guarantee is the quality and potency of our skin lightening products to give you a better chance to reach your desired skin lightening goal.

For dark hands and feet, try Diana Stalder Lightening Cream and apply 2x a day. These areas are thick-skinned, especially the feet, so be patient in waiting for skin to peel off the dark skin layers gradually and resurface a lighter and more even-toned skin color.

If you'll ask us if we have had success stories from some of our African American users?..

Absolutely. :-)


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