Lighten my private area

by Anonymous

im a very light tone hispanic 20 year old girl,and i have a problem, my private area and in between my butt is very dark, but it looks dirty,and i have a whole bunch of stretch marks develop when i was pregnant, 2 yrs ago.It makes my skin look loose,tired,and used.

I've only had oNe sexual partner; my husband. This is sooo embarrassing but i really do need help. I waNt to be able to lighteN the area making it look clean and healthy. I also have dark on the back of my neck but tends to lighten when i lose weight but it doesn't go away completely. what can i do? CAN I USE SKIN LIGHTENING?


Hello, yes you can use skin lightening to help improve or get rid of those dark spots.

You can try the Underarm Whitening Set which is also a solution for dark inner thighs.

Stretch marks have been a difficult dilemma for women. The dark pigmentation can be lightened by the Lightening Cream but the loose skin is a different story. You may need a separate firming lotion or cream to take care of it. Or a good stretch mark cream for that matter. Here are some tips on how to remove stretch marks.

The dark spot on the neck is caused by friction when you gained weight. It may stay there even after you lose weight. Try applying the same Lightening Cream mentioned above. Apply daily at night.

Hope the above helps. :)


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