Lactic Acid Peels & Black Soap

by Ahijah

Hi Maria, results are FANTASTIC with the black soap. I recently decided to do a lactic acid peel on my neck since its being stubborn. Results are great with it and my neck is lightening so well.

I was wondering if I can use the black soap after lactic acid peel? I do a peel, wait two days then use the soap again, then I stop one day before my next peel.

I ask this because lactic acid has no downtime and does not peel your skin but only slought it off. What are your suggestions? Thanx

p.s before and after pics are coming soon.


Hi Ahijah, that is awesome! I'm glad the black soap is doing wonders on your face.

As regards the lactic peel for your neck, if there is still a series of sessions to come, don't use the black soap as yet. Peeled skin is very sensitive. After your last session, wait 2 weeks thereafter you can use the black soap 2-3x a week for maintenance. :)


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