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Dark Inner Thighs

Desperate for the right inner thigh bleaching products?

You will find this page filled with information and solutions for dark inner thighs. Whether you choose homemade or a topical skin lightening treatment, I will let you decide on that.

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dark inner thighs - inner thigh bleaching productsWhat causes dark inner thighs?

Dark spot on the groin area is due to friction or chafing. Individuals bothered by this dilemma suffer from embarrassment in their swim wear or during that intimate moment with their partner.

Tight clothing and constant rubbing against surrounding skin on inner thighs mainly contribute to the problem, the latter worsens if you’re overweight.

Birth control pills may also cause darkening of inner thighs and other pigmentations.

Be aware that a skin disorder, Acanthosis Nigricans, manifests light-to-brown-to-black markings in our skin folds of the neck, armpits, under the breasts, including the inner thighs. Consult a doctor if you suspect this, especially if you’re diabetic.

Inner thigh bleaching products and solutions

Please be reminded that a skin lightening treatment should be used externally, ok?

Prefer homemade remedies? Here are simple do-it-yourself methods.

  • Mix lemon and bath oil. Remember lemon can be very acidic so use just a little. Oil is needed due to lemon’s drying effects. Rub on inner thighs with your hands for 2 minutes. Leave on skin for 30 minutes before taking a bath.

  • Make a paste of besan, curd, lime juice and turmeric powder and apply on dark inner thighs and leave to dry. Then wash off.

Don’t have time to buy and mix stuff? Need fast results?

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The next time you look ‘down there’, I’m sure there’s going to be a smile on your face. :-)

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