I want to be lighter

by Shyleen

Hi Maria. I heard so many good compliments about you and I couldn't stop myself from asking you. I want to get way way lighter.

I wanted to use one of the skin whitening soaps for both body and face. But don't know which one. I have sensetive skin. Im a brown skin tone but like a light light brown skin tone by the chest down to stomach. I want to get back to my light light brown color and go a little bit lighter.

And the rest of my body is brown and my butt is really dark brown and I have shaving marks, scars on my body as well.

What soap would you advice me. Would the soap help to lighten my birthmark on the face? Would the soap help to get rid pimples, blemishes, and pores on the face?

And about skin peeling does that hurt? And complications?

And after when I reached my skin tone can I wear a high spf sunscreen so I won't get dark again?

According to me in the skin tone chart Im a 9-10. And my chest area going down to my stomach is a color 6-5. And I want to achieve the color white to light brown. Can you please help me out? Thanks.


Hi Shyleen, thank you for visitng our site. Let me help you with your questions -

Since you have sensitive skin, it might be safer to try a milder skin lightening soap set - Diana Stalder Black Soap Lightening Kit that includes the black soap, lightening lotion and cream. Results may take time (2-5 weeks) so jsut be patient and consistent.

The above kit can also lighten your problem dark spots and even out the skin tone along the process. In addition, if it work s well for your type of skin, acne or pimples can be controlled due to the exfoliation/peeling process.

However, I'm afraid a birthmark will stay as it is, because this is beyond skin deep, not epidermal. Only laser treatment can remove or fade it.

Peeling would be mild, like pencil shavings when you rub off shedding skin with your hands (do this ONLY in the shower when skin is wet).

Sunscreen will ALWAYS be a part of the process, during and after skin lightening.

Remember, your skin will get to its lightest shade that it will only allow.


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Gluta White And Firm
by: Shanelle Shika

Hi Maria I wanted to know your advice for taking *edited* skin whitening products. It a demologisted tested in all 7 of their products. What do you think about those products? What do you think claire blanche as a skin lightening ingredient. IT says it has 7 active ingredients in claire blanche. It that true. Can you please help me out?


Hi Shanelle, just as we cannot guarantee the results of our own skin whitening products, we can neither vouch for other brands.

You see, your results will depend on how your skin will react to any skin whitener that you try. And unless you try them, you would't know if it'll work for you or not.


by: Anonymous

And just to tell you one more thing I am 15 years old. But I really need this skin lightening because everytime when I be wearing stapless clothing. My chest be always way way lighter looking then my arms and legs because they're brown.

And what do you mean by that my skin will get too it's lightest shade that it will allow? So it means that my lightest skin color in my body is the lightest I can go?

So if the birthmark can go away but can it lighten it up with a even skin tone with all over my body and face?

So does skin peeling hurts? Will my skin burn me? And the skin whitening kit that you recommended for me will it totally work for me? Better then the dermaline whitening kit?

And about sunscreen which is better sunscreen or sunblock? And is it true that Titanium Dioxide is a dangerous chemical in sunscreen or sunblocks?

Because I was just doing my research some says its safe and protects from the sun and it non chemical and some says it gets skin cancer. What do you say?


Hello, skin's lightest shade is closest to our innermost skin or to that shade when you were younger. Even possibly lighter than that, depends on your skin type.

Birthmarks are difficult to lighten, if at all. Hormonal and genetic pigmentations need laser treatment to remove the discoloration.

Peeling is mild, just like exfoliation with pencil-shaving-like skin shedding. Since you have young skin, I would only suggest the Black Soap for you. Using too many skin lighteners might irritate young skin.

Titanium dioxide in sheer or clear form is the sunscreen in question of safety. Choose the ones in pasty-white formulations which are safer.

Hope that gives you a better idea.


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