How to whiten underarms and thighs using anti perspirant with whitening .. Still not achieve white underarms.
2. My thighs have a little dark .. Not really dark but I'm too shy to wear a two piece now
because of this..
Please help me..


Hello, lightening dark underarms and inner thighs can take more than use of the right skin whitening creams. Proper use is also key to achieve your goal.

The lightening ingredient in a whitening deodorant may not be as potent as using a good skin whitening cream, which has more strength in formula that can solve your problem. Besides, you can use the same for dark inner thighs.

Check out our Dermaline skin whitening cream as a possible solution. Its accompanying instruction sheet has a special section for dark underarms and inner thighs that provides a detailed guide on how to reach successful skin lightening of these problem dark spots on skin.

Good luck and take care,

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