How to effective reduce dark scars on leg quickly?

scars on my leg:(

scars on my leg:(

Hi!I have got many black /dark brown scars on my leg and thighs seen i was very young.Till now,the scars are still there.I have got very fair skin thus,the scars are very obvious.Whenever ,I wore shorts or skirts,I am afraid that others will comment on my scars:( I love to dress up and those scars on my legs are stopping me :( pls help me !


Hello, try these - Diana Stalder Papaya Soap and Lightening Lotion.

It may take time, but be patient ok? If it works well for you, I would say you should be seeing an improvement within 1-4 weeks. :)


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hi,i used this erase solution on my scars but it reddens afraid my schoolmates will see this scary legs of mine.whats best and effective removal quickly but only less expensive because im still a student cant afford to buy that much expensive one.thankz:)


Hi Shamie, your skin seems sensitive because of the redness. What's best for your skin type is a simple mild and very affordable Dermaline Black Licorice Soap. Use as a regular body wash and follow the instruction sheet well. :)


please help me
by: shamie

hi'i have the same problem with.I am 20 years old now and feel conscious about my body especially my skin.I have this plenty scars on my legs since i was just a kid and now i am afraid because we have a swimming classes i have to wear swimming attire.will you please give me some advice to remove this?..thank you:) by the way by this time i am using *edited* solution because it is less expensive is this effective to easily fade away my scars?...


Hi Shamie, feel free to try your current fade cream and give it 2 weeks to see if it's showing any improvement. If it does, then you can continue using it until you reach your desired goal.

Otherwise, we do have a great solution for dark scars on legs - Dermaline Papaya Kojic Soap and Body Lightening Lotion. Use once a day at bedtime for a few weeks or less, depending on your skin response.

Being a young lady, I'm sure this is important to you. And I hope you finally get your answer here. :)

Good luck and take care,

Please Help?
by: Anonymous

What are those scars from? I have the same ones but i dont know where they are coming from..

scars que t0Ida
by: Anonymous

Can you please tell me do I have to grind all ingredients in a juice

Thank you


Hello, if you can grind, mash, or squeeze the juices from the chosen ingredient/s, the better. You can mix with a blender or by hand in a bowl to form a paste.


about the scars on leg
by: Anonymous

Hi Ida,,,plz I want to tell u about the scars on my leg.I have the scars on my leg from mosquito-bites.How should I reduce these scars quickly???I hope u will solve this problem...thanks

to Ida,
by: Anonymous

hi Ida will please tell me,did you use all the ingredients you said above for curing/ligthen your scars?because I have a scars on my legs also,how did you do the solution?does it effective to you?hope u will read my question..thanks

Same situation as you!
by: Ida

Hi, my name is Ida and I am in the exact same situation as you!! I have cirka 26 scars on my legs and thighs from chickenpox and mosquito-bites when I was younger.. and I will tell you that I used to have up around 48 dark brown dots all over my legs and arms, until about a year ago I found an undefeatable home-remedy online! - You look at all these fancy companies that add chemicals and bleaching to their products in order to "speed" the process.. but I found that the best way to 'bleach' your scrars the NATURAL way is to go straight to the source of their ingredients.

I (on my scars every other night):
1 Onion (the strongest raw one you can find, yellow or sometimes garlic(yes I know the smell, but you sleep on it, and then you wash it off in the mornign with water and strong smelling soap XD) works best for me)
100% Lemonjuice (or sugarfree lemonade)
Juice from 2 Limes
Lavender oil (or best when my mom has lavender in her garden I use fresh ones grinded)
1 mashed papaya (or mango or peach/ or all three if you want to make sure)

This will give you a good oz portion (I use an old shampoo-bottle for mine and it lasts about 2weeks in the frigde, so i've put half in one bottle and freeze the rest to last longer)

Good Luck!

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