How can i whiten my dark feet?

by Cynthia

how can i whiten my dark feet.It's too dark thus not looking beautiful.I had very fair and beautiful feet before but it suddenly changed to very dark feet. I've used skin whitening foot cream to no avail What natural remedy can best work for me now.Please help me.


Hi Cynthia, several factors cause feet to darken - dryness, sun exposure and dead skin cells. You can get back your soft lighter lovely feet with these suggested solution:

1. Dermaline Papaya Soap and Body Lightening Lotion Set - use once a day at bedtime. It may take several weeks to see the final result because feet are thick-skinned so be patient.

2. Moisturize with a rich moisturizing foot cream. Although ordinary moisturizers can help, that formulated for the feet will work much better.

3. Exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells and accumulated dirt and oils.

Happy lightening!


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