hi i want to make my ful body colour fair

by shiza

hi, i m 25 years old,and 1 year ago i came from Pakistan to Australia,i had bit fair color there.and my complexion is being dark here in Australia.i m very depressed because my husband doesn't like me and my color,please help me,
i have dark circles in my eyes and my husband hates me when he see my dark underarms which are dark since i came here.my hands and foot are very dark especially fingers joints.well i forgot to tell u that i m 8 months pregnant.please suggest me,that how can i make my ful body color white.thanks


Hi Shiza, hyperpigmentation is part of pregnancy. Dark spots appear and become worse as it nears 9 months. Some of them fade away after a few months of giving birth. Some stay as stubborn dark spots.

Other thing, you can't use any skin whitening product if you're pregnant because these are acid-based exfoliating products that penetrate skin. Not good when a fetus is developing.

After giving birth and AFTER nursing, that's the right time and it will be safe for you to start your own skin whitening regimen.

We are offering two soluions - the topical products - skin whitening soap, lotion, cream - work differently (externally) from the skin whitening pills (internally).

The topical skin whiteners work faster because they are directly applied on skin, exfoliate and/or peel skin faster to remove the dark skin spots, but the results are cosmetic. The pills slowly work from the inside out like vitamins or dietary supplements, and take time (months) to build its foundation, but the antioxidant effects benefit overall skin and body health, with a side effect that is skin lightening.

So you see, they work differently from each other. You can do either, or both.

Bookmark this page so when you're ready, it will be easy to find. :)


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Hello, check out our various overall skin whitening kits for face and body and choose once based on your skin type and budget. See you there!


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