hi does saluta glutathione injection work?

another thing will glutathione injection even out my skin tone i'm an african american male with uneven dark skin tone i really want to have an even tone a little lighter but mostly even skin tone.

how long does it take to notice results and how do i find the nurse to apply glutathione injection and i'm a dark skin african american male i just want an even a little lighter skin tone i dont want to be white or too light i want a natural look how would i be able to mantain it?

i have take gluthathione plenty of time and this one time i took the pills by now foods with vitamin c and for some reason it even out my whole face and i mean it was overall even tone,clear,clean,smooth,younger glowing natural beautiful then i think it lasted for 3 days so i know glutathione work, of course it doesnt work like it used to anymore, even my bleaching cream i use to even out my skin tone doesn't work anymore

i try exfoliating and that didnt work have you try saluta glutathione with vitamin c injection before i have done laser resurfacing that didnt work even chemical peels vitalize,vi peel none work.


Hello, glutathione IV, if it works for you, can take several months to manifest skin lightening results. Due to its sensitive administering method, you have to find a local nurse to do it for you.

An extra precaution on its dosage - it should be consulted with a doctor on how much a body can only take because high doses are only suggested for disease treatment. Under normal health conditions, do more research on its effects for skin lightening.

That's the reason why we only carry safe skin whitening lightening bleaching soaps, lotions and creams which are used cosmetically (externally on skin). You can also try them and see how it will work for you.

Skin lightening is a trial and error process. Each person has his/her own unique skin characteristics.

I hope you find what works for you this time.


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