HELP!!! My Face and Neck is darker then the rest of my body. Why??

by Bob

Hi, Maria, Why is my Face darker than the rest of my body and what can I do abut it? I'm African American

I'm not sure if the Sun is causing this because even in the middle of the Winter, my Face and Neck was still a lot darker than the rest of my body so Sun exposure could not be the cause. (I was also not outside a lot in the Winter.)

I'm 17 years old and i'm NOT overweight; I used to be but i'm not. I took a Diabetes test a few months ago and it turned out that I was not a diabetic so high blood sugar/diabetes can NOT be the cause.

I take showers everyday and scrub these areas well.

Why is my Face and Neck darker than the rest of my body and What can I do about it???

Thank you


Hi Bob, when you were overweight and you lost weight, parts of our skin seem to get darker because of 'loose' skin. And when you had a diabetes test, that should mean your sugar intake might be higher than usual.

Based on the above, your dark face and neck might lighten if you improve your diet - cut down on sugar considerably, drink more water, and you might see an improvement.

If that doesn't work, the cause can be hormonal or genetic, or due to medication you might be taking now. Topical skin lighteners can help lighten the discoloration. Try our Diana Stalder Black Soap and use as your regular facial and neck wash.

MAria :)

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