Half of bottom lip is pink & the other half is dark

I hate my bottom lip...

I hate my bottom lip...

I am looking for something to make my bottom lip pink again like it was when I was younger. I am a black female and my lip has become ugly for the past 2 yrs. The inside of my bottom lip is pink, but the outside is dark. Also, the pink part has a dark like with dark spots on them. I don't smoke. Will the whitening cream make my bottom lip pink again?


Hello, our lips are thin and sensitive, so using harsh skin lightening soaps or creams can irritate it. You can try our mild skin lightening soap, Diana Stalder Black Soap or Lightening Cream.

For the soap, wash lips and leave on for 20-30 seconds before washing off. Do at bedtime every other day, then apply a rich lip balm or moisturizer.

For the lightening cream, apply 3x a week but make sure you don't lick it because the cream is obviously not formulated to be taken internally, only applied externally. Wash off in the morning and apply lip moisturizer.

Hope that helps.


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