Glutathione Soap & Hydroquinone Cream

by Ahijah

what would happen if i used the glutathione soap and then i used hydroquinone as a skin bleaching cream? would I get darker or would it be better. Its been three weeks and everything has lighten a shade except my hyperpigmentation so im wondering if that would that speed up results. just wondering/


Hi Ahijah, if it works well for your type of skin, it is fine to use both glutathione soap and skin whitening cream to enhance the results. However, your cream contains hydroquinone which is a harmful whitening agent. It is safer to choose a whitening cream without hydroquinone, mercury or steroid.


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Response to Anonymous
by: Anonymous

Hello Anonymous

Like you, I too have been using hydroquinone for over 20 years and have learned to make my own super high strength cream that has worked for me. I have recently begun using glutathione soap and taking liposomal glutathione to help me with my remaining problem area; my fingers.

I have noticed my fingers are gradually getting lighter and will soon match the rest of my body. I would suggest that you also consider taking the liposomal glutathione every morning on an empty stomach. I think that the combined effort of the soap, hydroquinone, and liposomal glutathione has really helped. Hope this helps you as well.

Glutathione and Hydroquinone Usage
by: Anonymous

Hello,I have been using hydroquinone for more than 20 years. I have used the 2%, 3% creams and they worked up to a certain point. I have learned over the years that if you want something done, you have to take the chance on yourself. I have been making my own high strength hydroquinone cream for years now. The cream really works for me. I have lightened by several shades.

I have one remaining problem area that I am currently addressing, my fingers. The skin seems thicker than other areas and I am considering adding glutathione soap to my regimen.

Does anyone know if using glutathione and hydroquinone is contraindicated? Thanks.

glutathione and hydroquinone
by: mary ann

I want my skin become fairer is these whitening products can help me?, their any side effects if I use these?


Hi Mary Ann, it is advised not to use skin whitening products with hydroquinone which can harm skin sooner or later. Glutathione can work better.


by: Anonymous

im just wondering i have lots of dark spots-pimple like on my butt area for years i guess and just recently some red spots on the back of my thighs and legs. will it lighten or disappear if i use Hydroquinone? its so annoying.


Hello, avoid using hydroquinone-based skin whitening products. See hydroquinone side effects.

But yes, safer skin whitening products can help. Check out the Papaya Kojic Soap and Lightening Lotion. :)


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