Fade hyperpigmentation (post acne marks / scars) fast?!?!



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I am a black female (golden/tan complexion) and just would like a skin lightnening product that would once & for all FADE THESE UGLY DARK BROWN SPOTS OFF MY BODY (especially my face)!....

I would like to fade some "Post Acne Marks" on my face, back of legs (back of thigh area), & buttock cheeks. That is my main GOAL!

I would also like to lighten my dark elbows & lighten my dark knees.

I've tried everything (prescribed & OTC) from *edited* dark spot corrector, and various prescribed skin whiteners and acne solutions (sorry I have to edit most copyrighted brands - Maria), masks, home remedies (lemon, oatmeal, etc... )...... but nothing really works.

My issues with my face is:
1. Hyperpigmentation
2. Large Visible Pores
3. Oily Skin
4. Acne (minor ACNE)

Any Suggestions?


Hello, I can feel your frustration, for trying different skin whitening products in your search for the right solution for your type of skin. I was in that boat before until I found Diana Stalder skin whitening products. SKin lightening is also a trial and error saga. And I do hope this is your last stop as well.

Now let me recommend a possible answer to your dilemma -

Diana Stalder Papaya Soap Lightening Kit with papaya soap, lightening lotion and cream that you can use for face, back and legs.

My best tip is to read the instruction sheet that will come with your package 2x to have a better chance of achieving your goal. If it still fails you, don't give up. But remember, your success will not rely on skin whitening products alone. Consistency and proper use are the other parts of the equation. :)

Good luck and take care,

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