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Diana Stalder Laboratory facilities for skin whitening

Diana Stalder awards for skin whitening
Diana Stalder is the first Filipino-owned company that ventured into high quality skin whitening products and Dermaline Direct Sales services to the global market.

In July 1999, Stalder Laboratories Inc. located in a lush green environment in the heart of San Isidro, San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines, was born. It started as a quality-conscious company specializing in the manufacture of facial and skincare products. Steadily rising to the top, the company has established for itself a solid niche as one of the best and most innovative in the international skin whitening industry.

Its solid mission of commitment to utmost client satisfaction has made D. Stalder the country's leading contract manufacturer of first-rate topical cosmetics.

Diana Stalder Laboratory facilities for skin whitening

To add to its cap, the company is duly authorized by the Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) to market only safe and first-class skin lightening products manufactured from its modern facility.

Now, after almost a decade of high ethical standards and tough global market competition, D. Stalder has successfully built a name as an unparalleled leader in the skin care business guided by the principles of integrity, teamwork, professionalism, customer service and judicious use of resources.

Stalder Laboratories has consistently introduced cosmeceutical breakthrough products that are at par with the world’s finest. From conception to production, the company produced excellent skin whiteners not only for the Asian or Filipino skin, but proven to work for all skin types.

Stalder’s research and development maintains and recognizes the need to design and develop value creating, innovative, and high-performing products. Our fast-paced lifestyle mainly influences the way the company contend with the rapid changing consumer needs in a hyper-competitive market through its knowledgeable, skilled and flexible manpower.

Diana Stalder factory for skin whitening

Ably driven by its three departments – Research and Development, Production and Quality Control divisions - D. Stalder is able to fulfill its objectives through systematic planning, optimization of production capacity and proper control of inventory.

What’s the latest on Diana Stalder?

Aside from its impressive awards and recognitions in the past, the company is now proud to be ASEAN (Association of SouthEast Asian Nations) Harmonization Compliant giving it credit for more international appeal. ASEAN Harmonization is the regional blue-print of policies for cosmetic quality and consumer protection.

D. Stalder is also a most sought after franchise business in the Philippines through Dermaline Skin Care services having shown excellence in business growth and ethical practice.

Diana Stalder, like the owner of Skin-Whitening-Product.com, is proud to be Filipino.

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