Diana Stalder Whitening cream alone without the soap works?

by Diana

Hi there! Firstly I want to congratulate you on your effort in creating this database of personalised Q&A!

Now about my question, I just want to lighten my underarms, knuckles, feet, knees and elbows. So I am planning to buy the Diana Stalding Whitening Cream (my name is Diana as well!!! hehehe) as it is most potent in lightening. I am not sure if using one of their soap bar is essential with the cream. I don't want to use the soap bar because I have dry skin and the soap might aggravate it and cause irritation. Is it enough if I just use the whitening cream without the soap?

Muchas Gracias!!! :-)



Hi Dia! You know I have always been mistaken for a Diana when others thought I was the formulator of our skin whitening product line. :)

Thank you by the way, for appreciating our Help Line.

Yes, Dia, a skin whitening cream can work alone to lighten dark spots on skin. However, we do not have the DS whitening cream in stock anymore, so I recommend you check out our Dermaline skin whitening cream for your purpose.

Let me know if you have other questions.


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by: Twinkle

Thank you Maria for your quick reply. May I know that can we absorb dermaline skin whitening lotion/cream in the skin or just apply a thin layer n let it dry.

The reason why am asking coz I don't feel comfortable with applying a coat on the skin. Further, does a lotion work in the same way as cream does.

Is dermaline a product of DS or some other brand?
How long you take to ship to Pakistan via urgent mail?

Thanks once again. Love


Hi Twinkle, it is best to apply the skin whitening cream or lotion in damp skin (after shower, not too wet). This will assure better absorption, smoother, easier and thinner application (to make product last longer). Massage until dry.

The skin whitening cream is thicker and more potent than the lotion. The cream is formulated for facial and targeted dark spots, but can be used all over body as well. Can be a little bit more expensive than using the lotion.

Dermaline and Diana Stalder come from the same manufacturer, but are different brands. Either one can work for you.

Shipping internationally can take 2 weeks, but if you choose Express, that would shorten to 5-7 business days. :)


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by: Anonymous

Your web is quite useful as it explains abt the DS products in detail. May I know that whether I use Glutathoine soap for darker feet as they are 4 shades darker than my face n body. Should I use DS whitening cream or DS dermaline for best n early results. Plz advise in detail.


Hello, Dermaline skin whitening products seem to be more potent than Diana products. Since the feet are thick-skinned, you can try a combination of Dermaline Papaya Soap and Whitening Lotion for best results. :)


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