Dermaline Cream Along With Hydroquinone

Is it a good idea to use both Dermaline Skin Whitening Cream and hydroquinone based cream? I'm trying to fade my cafe au lait birthmark so maybe this will speed things up.

I have use hydroquinone before (the product is called **edited**) and it did help with noticeable improvement. However I've recently ran out of it and now I've been using your product for 3 weeks.

I have to say that it made my skin smoother and less oily, though the birthmark itself got darker (this is normal i suppose).

This is what I had in mind, let me know if it's ok...

At night I'd wash my face with your soap and then apply the cream. In the morning I'd wash again with your soap and then apply **edited**.


Hello, from what I know, your given skin whitening cream contains 4% hydroquinone which is quite high. Though this skin whitening ingredient works for most skin types, the hydroquinone side effects far outweigh its benefits in the long run.

Other thing, try to use skin whitening products once a day only. More than that can cause thinning and over-exfoliating of skin.

Use the skin whitening soap and cream at bedtime, when skin is at rest. Initial darkening can occur because of the dryness and peeling to follow. It can take time to lighten the discoloration, but it will be difficult, if at all, to remove the discoloration of your birthmark.

Birthmarks are inborn, and the best way to remove it permanently is though laser treatment. Also make sure that you only have a spot or two, otherwise, if your cafe au lait birthmark is all over your body, have it checked by a doctor for a possible disorder.

Take care and good luck. :)


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