Dark vaginal area

by purple lover

My outer vaginal area is very dark and my overall skin color is light brown, I'm african american. I believe it's because of shaving which I do often. I love the look of a "clean" bikini area like brazilian but I hate the way it's disclored my whole private area (lips, outer area, and right on the inside of my thighs (near the opening).

I've tried *edited*, some skin lightening stuff I got from my dermatologist, but that is probably just supposed to be used for my face. And I know that I do not carry through with the regime of skin lightening I'm using.

I know I should stop shaving completely but it's hard. My dermatologist told me to stop shaving and do wax maybe and that it may take a year to see results that I would want.

He said that it may stay this way as well. I need to find a skin whitening product to significantly lighten these areas if not restore my natural color.

Also the area right beneath my behind is darker as well and I really don't know why that is, I'm very slender and not on any medication. So do you think any of these skin lightening products can make me the old me again???!!!

And I have this problem in general from break out marks on my skin anywhere face, back, stomach. So I just need something to fade these problems away. Help me.


Hi Purple Lover (my son's favorite color too), the problem of dark inner thighs is actually very common, and it's mostly women who are bothered by this, regardless of race.

But let me tell you one straight thing, you can NOT totally get rid of dark inner thighs forever, because this area is friction-prone and at the same time, friction-sensitive.

Can you get rid of friction from skin and clothing? Absolutely not. Because we move and wear clothing everyday.

But you can lighten the area, and minimize friction by wearing not-too-tight clothing. This will be your key to successful skin lightening, with the help of the right skin whitener for your skin type (results from products depend on your skin sensitivity).

As a possible solution, I would suggest Dermaline DE Black Soap and Whitening Lotion. Use once a day at bedtime.

Ironically, I do prefer shaving than waxing, because during a skin lightening process that skin mildly peels, you can't wax otherwise you would be fresh scraping skin off. You can shave gently not on dry skin, but while skin is wet, and actually use the lather of the black soap as the 'shaving foam' while shaving.

Do remember that you only use the skin whiteners on the external part of the genitals.

And what you can use on the face you can use for the body too. On the other hand, body-formulated lotions or creams are not proper for facial use.

Fortunately, you can use the same black soap for the dark spots on face; then the same soap and lotion for dark breakout marks on the tummy and back areas too.

You do not have to wait for one year, waste your money for trying, to see if a skin lightening product is working well for your skin type. 4-8 weeks is enough time to tell if a skin whitener is giving some results for dark inner thighs. If it doesn't move on and try another brand.

Good luck and take care,


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dark thigh concern
by: Anonymous

I can understand Purple Love's worries. When I do a close examination of this area on my partner with similar skin tone, I think that it is beautiful, so she should not be so worried about it, it is actually desired by many partners as a positive attribute. But one thing that wasn't mentioned was the possibility of using a lubricant gel prior to shaving and possibly using an electric shaver that would not scratch the epidermis as much. Another idea would be to use a mild exfoliant on the area. I think it is true that thinning girls have this problem more because the skin is not stretched as with a person with more sub-dermis body fat.

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