dark spots / uneven skin tone on nipples

by Cynthia

I am Asian and I have uneven skin tone or dark spots on my nipples. I have tried many products but none really worked. I asked a dermatologist once about this problem and she asked if I have given birth before and I said no and they have no products t lighten dark spots on nipples.


Hi Cynthia, I've seen lightening creams for dark nipples but these area is thin and sensitive, so I don't personally suggest it.

The only solution we have on the site to lighten dark nipples is by taking the glutathione skin whitening pills, which are dietary supplements and can take time. However, the effect is overall skin lightening for face and body, and can lighten the nipples in time as well. When? That depends on your body metabolism. It can be a few months or more. :)


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