Dark South Indian Skin

by Anonymous

Hi. Ive attached a picture of how dark my skin is. Its not TOO dark but its relatively dark. I would like to make it a few shades lighter. North indian kind of color. I have a fairly good metabolism since i exercise alot. How long would Claire Blanche take to work on me? For atleast noticeable change. And also, which is better CB or G***(Edited)? And does CB work on the whole body? I live in CA in U.S by the way.

Thanks alot


Hi there, glutathione or whitening pills work like dietary supplements so it's gonna be a few months, more or less, to have them work for you. Since you said that your metabolism is good, it may show an early improvement in the first 2 months.

Claire Blanche compared to other 500mg Glutathione pills can work better and are cost effective in the long run. Although it is more expensive per bottle, you just need 2x a day dosage compared to 3-4x a day for the other brand. :)


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