Dark neck and armpit

by abid

hi, i'm 32 year male my skin is fair but i hv problum on neck and armpit they are very dark black even i take shower twice a day.
this problum start at the age of fifteen.sometime it completly becom fair. one more thing my father hv also same problum.


Hi Abid, skin discoloration can't be removed by bathing. Worse, it can get darker if you scrub it because you are applying friction on skin. It can also be hereditary.

Try the Diana Stalder Underarm Whitening solution for dark underarms.

For dark neck, you can try the Black Soap (a mild skin lightening soap because the neck skin is thin) plus a Lightening Cream from the same link above.

Causes of dark underarms are constant rubbing against tight clothing, surrounding skin (worse if you’re overweight), negative reactions to deodorants, improper washing, shaving, dead skin buildup, intake of androgen-based contraceptives, dark hair follicles, or just genetics.

NOTE: If you have dark underarms and hyperpigmentation around the base of your neck, please go get your blood sugar checked. These can be symptoms of type II diabetes or acanthosis nigricans and most people don’t know they have this.

Hope that helped. :)


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