Dark knuckles and toes

by aisha
(ny, usa)

i have a problem with dark knuckles and toes. i hardly wear sandles becuase i feel ashamed to show my feet. i also dont likr to shake people hands or go to the nail salon to do my nails because of the discoloration of my hands. it looks disgustin. please help me solve this problem so that i too can wear sandles in the summer and be able to to the nail salon without feeling like everyone is staring at my hands and feet.


Hi Aisha, I was in the same boat before - my feet were discolored and dry, and my toenails were neglected because I didn't have time to take care of my feet. When I chose shoes, I used to buy closed footwear to hide my feet. Until I started to use our skin whitening products.

Since the skin on the feet and hands are thick-skinned, it may take time to treat the discoloration so promise yourself that you'll be patient enough to get rid of the problem. Here's what I recommend for you -

Try Diana Stalder Glutathione Soap and Lightening Lotion. Use 1-2x a day. During the regimen, you should wear loose footwear to avoid friction and further darkening of skin. At the end of the day, moisturize with a rich hand/foot cream.

Lightening and moisturizing will be your key to achieve your goal. Be consistent, and you should see an improvement within 2-4 weeks. After you reach your desired results, maintenance will require use of the lightening soap and lotion 1-2x a week.

Good luck. :)


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