Dark intimate area and nipples

by aisha

hi im 20 years old and i have fair skin,im asian.
but my genital area is very dark and im very concerned and would like to know is there any way to lighten it to natural pinkish colour. and also my nipples are brown and it get darker to the tip of the nipple..by the way my knees and elbows are light coloured. so what should i do?


Hi Aisha, if you would like to use just one skin whitening product, choose Diana Stalder Lightening Cream for both dark genital area and nipples. But remember, the nipple area is thin and sensitive, mild peeling can occur so be attentive on how much you apply on this area. Lessen if necessary, Start with once a day use.


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Please don't bleach
by: B

Hi, I am a guy but I do have an opinion on this. I lived in asia for many years and my wife is asian. I know that asian nipples and labia are often quite dark, but that doesn't make them any less attractive. In fact I think that is part of their beauty. Please do not put chemicals onto your lovely skin to change something that really is attractive to many. :)

by: ynah

hi. Im ynah ,. I got the same problem. I just want to know where can i buy this lihgtening cream and how expensive it is?


Hi Ynah, as much as we don't carry Diana Stalder cream anymore, try our best seller, Dermaline skin whitening cream. Check it out for details.


dark nipples and intimate area reply
by: Aisha

is it the SURELY WHITE Skin Lightening Cream
that i should use.. how should i apply it? i mean my nipple and intimate area? how much should i use and is it daily???


That's it, Aisha - Diana Stalder SURELY WHITE Lightening Cream, apply once daily. An instruction sheet will be provided.


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