Dark hands and feet

by Ren
(South Africa)

Hi Maria, for the past 6 years my hands and feet have darkened as compared to the rest of my body. I have googled and tried to search what could it be, without any success. My doctor has mentioned that the condition could be a result of stress. My hands and feet are generally very warm. I'm not sure if that could be the cause of the pigmentation. I have bought things before that claim to deal with pigmentation but nothing could help. Another website stressed that my pigmentation is in the inner layer of the skin (endordemis) which might not clear easily.
I really hope you can help me find a solution to this problem.

Kind regards...Rene'


Hi Rene', true, epidermal pigmentation or dark spots are easier to treat because these are topical. But beyond skin deep, can take time.

Here's my opinion.

Dark hands and feet are not really uncommon because these heavily-used areas that encounter the most 'skin trauma'. They become drier and older faster than the rest of the body which can make them appear darker, unless you've been taking care of moisturizing hands and feet every bedtime.

When your doctor told you that your dark hands and feet are probably caused by stress, your mind can take over and cause more stress every time you look at your problem areas, and literally can cause more discoloration.

What the mind dictates or believes, the body will function accordingly.

If you remove your wedding ring and see a whiter spot underneath, chances are your dark hands are just on the topmost layer of your skin. Otherwise, I'm still going to recommend a solution and not give up on you! :)

Simply because it might just work for you.

This is still another case of trial and error, if you are ready to accept that. Unless you try it, you wouldn't know it. Since it is safe, and at the worst, I guess you have nothing to lose except some shipping expenses for the products.

Hands and feet are thick-skinned areas of skin, and I'd suggest that you try our best seller, Diana Stalder Glutathione Skin Whitening Soap and Lightening Lotion. Wash with the soap up to 2x a day, leaving it on skin for a few minutes before washing off, then applying the lightening lotion.

If you go outdoors between 9am-5pm and expose hands and feet, wear at least SPF 45 sunscreen at daytime. And at bedtime, finish off your skin whitening regimen with your favorite rich hand and foot cream.

Hope this helps you. I wish you good luck. Stay positive.


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by: Anonymous

im a 30 years old south african with a serious skin condition or problem. for 14 yrs ive struggled with acne and 2yrs ago got help from my dermatologist who prescribed a 6month treatment. im glad to say it did wonders to me even though the treatment period wasnt pleasant at all but i had to hand in there and finally it payed off.

but now my problem is very dark hands and feet as compared to the rest of my body. these are too dark its embarassing cos the rest of my body is very light in complexion. i find it very strange and embarased to show off my legs as this will attract attention from on lokers and i try to avoid many questions. wat can you recommend.


Hello, I believe your patience and consistency will also help in your quest to lighten dark hands and feet. Why? Because dark hands, especially the feet area are thick-skinned and will also take time to lighten.

You may not see results in the first month or so, so don't give up. I will suggest a solution for you that you can try -

Diana Stalder Glutathione Soap and Lightening Lotion

Don't forget to moisturize daily. Hydration is very necessary to prevent dryness, which is also one of the causes of skin darkening.

How long before you can say that it might not be working for you? I would say, 3 months without an improvement, then it will be time to move on and try other skin whiteining brands.

Good luck and take care,

by: Anonymous

my hands are dark nails are yellow and my hands are always dry..i hate it..my boy told me 2 scrub comment on them...i.d.k


Hello, probably your hands just need hydration. You see, dry hands can make skin look ashy in color. Get a rich ahnd cream and mcoisturize 2x a day and see how it goes from there.


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