dark feet

by jiddah

Hello am 32 years old and getting married in december. Am a fair african woman from nigeria am very light in complexion but my feet are really black especially the knuckles. I've tried many different skin whitening products even hydrogen peroxide but it lightens then gets darker again.m its really embarrasing because people just stare at me now it has got to a point where I don't wear slippers or open sandals anymore am always wearing covered shoes to hide my shame. Please help me. Thank you


Hi Jiddah, dark knuckles are thick skin folds that get discolored due to daily friction from shoe wear. When you start a skin lightening regimen, it is important to avoid friction, wear loose shoe wear and moisturize the feet always.

Try Dermaline Papaya Soap and Body Whitening Lotion

Use once a day, follow the instructions well, and moisturize at the end of the day.

In a few weeks, you should see an improvement. If not, be consistent and patient but use lesser if you experience redness from the peeling that may occur, until you reach your goal.

Maintenance is continued use of the same skin whitening products, but only minimally for 1-2x a week to keep the results lasting.

My congratulations in advance for your upcoming wedding. Hopefully, you could wear the most beautiful open-toe bridal shoes you can find. :)


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