Dark corners of mouth

by Billy

Hey Maria, wow you truly are amazing, , she genuinely provides a fantastic service, and is the most prompt person in need of difficulty... lol!

I wanted to ask if you recall i sent you pictures of the dark patches i have in the creases of my mouth, and i really and truly want to get rid of them ;o(

as advised before i did use the black soap and worked the cream for the days u advised, and then i gave up... admittedly the rest of my skin saw great results, and im wondering whether if i had been more patient they would have gone slowly but surely... so im gonna give it another shot!

i see you sell anothr soap now, gluthamione?? is it a white soap, is this soap better then the black soap?

also im wondering do you think i should use the orange soap, maybe i will see faster results on my face...

likewise my arms never really lightened that much, do u think that cud be becus i didnt use the creams as much??

i only used them twice a week... and i read in one of the posts (lady from india) that u suggest using the creme every day...

Maria i know you wont let me down but please help me acheieve this bollywood type of white skin! lol

Hope u and ur family are all well!

Regards and best wishes!

Billy (UK- Previous customer)


Of course I remember you, Billy. Gosh, I got no words to describe your kind compliments. Thank you so much. It's what keeps me going. :-)

And you are right. If you have seen an improvement on other parts of your body, it is not remote that the same will happen to other areas of skin. The only difference will be on the location of the spots, because some parts are thin-skinned, some are thicker. The first tend to peel first, therefore need more care in the skin lightening regimen by less frequent use of the skin whiteners. The thicker-skinned areas like arms, legs, especially the knees and elbows, can handle 1-2x daily application.

Yes, you can try the (white) Glutathione soap or the (orange) Papaya soap. Here's the trick, after the skin has peeled with the Gluta or Papaya soap, use the Black soap thereafter. This will create a better and faster skin whitening effect.

For dark arms, you can use the same technique as above for the soap, and apply the cream or lotion 1-2x a day.

Good luck and as always, I'll be here for you. :-)


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dark mouth corners
by: beeo

hey! im in a major problem! from past 2 years ive been noticing that the skin around my mouth corners has become dark.. Its so prominent now that i feel bad at times :(
Please help me out n provide me with the best-est cure ever for the dark corners of lips.. Its truly frustrating lol...
help help help me fast !!!


Hi beeo, here's a link similar to your problem of dark area on corners of mouth. Hope you find it useful.


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