Dark Butt, Elbows, Kneecaps..etc

by Elizabeth

Maria, I am 14 years of age and I have suffered dark pigementation of my skin since birth. For my butt-my mother says it is just a huge birthmark. I disagree, yes I was born with it but a huge birthmark?!

My regular skin tone color falls into the brown and light brown color. The so-called birthmark is darker than my skin-tone and falls into the dark brown or plain black color. This "birthmark" takes the area of my buttcheeks and stretches 5-10 inches below that. But there is one area on my butt that is lighter than my whole skin color-khaki to be exact.

My kneecaps and elbows are dark-probably from me sliding on the carpet.

Then I have the area or so-called crease between my armpit/shoulder that area. It is so dark-black but not jet-black. It only gets this color when i close my arms, but other than that when I lift them up it disappears.

Yes from all this writing there is no question-the reason because I wanted to tell you what my problem is before I ask if there is a solution.

My question is-is there a lightening cream/lotion that can lighten these spots or areas around my skin. The darkened areas may be heriditary-but I do not know. And will these creams/lotions/soaps be sensitive to where I place them at. I would be more than happy to look into buying more than one product for different areas over my body.

Thank you-and please help!!!I haven't ever wore a bikini- oh and if you need my parents' to accept this- I will be more than likely. And another question-should I speak to my Doctor and see if there is something more medical that is involved?

Thank you again Maria, I truly appreciate it!!!


Hi Elizabeth, if you're born with the pigmentation, then it is a birthmark. Unfortunately, birthmarks are genetic and cannot be removed topically with skin lighteners alone, unless you undergo laser therapy. With your age, that is out of the question.

For dark knees and elbows, you can apply any affordable skin lightening cream over the counter, so you won't have to spend more for shipping any of our skin whitening products. However, apply only every other day. it might be a slow process but be patient because knees and elbows are thick-skinned.

You can use the same skin whitening cream on the dark spots/crease applied every other day as well.

Based on what you said, the problem areas you have are only cosmetic, nothing serious so no need for a doctor. It simply is trying to finding a skin lightener that can work for your type of skin. :)


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