Dark Armpits and Dark Inner Thighs?
Underarm Whitening Solution

Dark armpits and dark inner thighs are not uncommon.

Stubborn, eh?

Let's cut the further ado. I hope these dark spots on skin finally meet a solution today. :)

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Underarm Whitening

Dark armpits

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DERMALINE Black Soap and Skin Whitening Cream

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25gm Dermaline Skin Whitening Cream is tested to fade or remove hyperpigmentation and/or discoloration on skin.

Best for dark underarms or armpits, dark inner thighs, also for dark knees, elbows, acne scars, dark scars, etc. Specially formulated with Arbutin for groin and underarm whitening with regular use.

Dark underarms and inner thighs are a little difficult to treat because these are constantly exposed to friction - rubbing against surrounding skin and clothing we wear daily. When skin starts to peel, it is actually more prone to skin darkening when again exposed to friction, so lessen the usage of the products when this happens.

Bedtime application is suggested because skin is at rest.

Again, skin whitening is a gradual process. Results will vary per individual’s unique skin sensitivity. I’ve seen results in a week, others in 2-3 weeks. Some needed more time. The darker your skin pigmentation, the longer you have to stay on the whitening regimen and wait until visible lightening takes place.

Remember, this may or may not work for you, but we guarantee the quality of our skin whiteners as a good bet to try.

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