Can Whitening Lotion Help Remove Scars

by Anonymous

Dear Maria, I happen to visit your site as I browse through some sites that would help me with my skin/scar problem. As I read on your articles, I was convinced to buy diana stalder products just 3 days ago (I'm from the Philippines).

I just started using the collagen soap since its free when I registered as a member and this morning I started using the papaya Kojic Soap.The collagen soap's effect on me is that I could feel my face smooth while I feel a li'l bit dry with the papaya soap but maybe bec of the diana stalder's sunblock lotion spf 15 that i used.

I also purchased some lightening cream and I intend to use it on my underarms, knees, elbows and inner thigh which became so dark since I put a solution that's supposed for the face several years ago. i think I got burn so to speak that's why i want to try the lightening cream on these areas. My concerns are these:

1. The reason why I bought D.S. products is I want to see if using whitening soap and creams could help alleviate or at least remove or help whiten scars even if its too old already. I started using Dermatix Ultra (silicon gel for scars) a month ago but stopped for now because I want to see first the effect of d.s. products on my skin.

2. Can the lightening cream help whiten inner thigh/groin problem? I think it s overpigmentation right here.

3. I'm not really into wanting my skin to be white but because of my scar/skin problems I was left with no choice but to do these things.Can D.S. Products help remove scars really?
Please give me more tips on the do's & don'ts I should be taking.

Thank you in advance Maria. Hope my letter will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

More Power.


Hello, I presume that you didn't buy the skin whitening products from this site (we don't carry a collagen soap) but let me help you with your questions.

The papaya soap is what's causing the dryness, not your sunblock lotion, because of the peeling process.

1. Yes, the skin whitening soap and cream can help improve and lighten dark scars, but not remove them. Skin lighteners can only lighten skin, but not change the texture.

2. Yes, you can also use the whitening cream for dark inner thighs or any dark spots on skin.

3. Skin whitening products are not mainly to lighten skin, but come as a solution to hyperpigmentation or any dark spots and uneven skin tone.

You can go over the Diana Stalder Skin Whitening Products page and read the "Quick Product Guide" (in the blue table box) to have a better understanding of what to expect, and a guide on how to use the products properly.

Hope that helps.


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by: vynh kriez

where can i buy diana stadler products?


Hi Vynh, you can buy them here at our Diana Stalder skin whitening products page. :)


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