can i improve my skin colour from black to white?

by Sai

Hi, My colour is black basically but i want to go for skin whitening treatments, is it safe or any harm with that.



Hi Sai, to answer your question if changing skin color from black to white is possible, the answer is yes. Some remedies may not be totally safe, and that is not what our skin whitening treatments are formulated for.

Our skin whitening products are solutions to hyperpigmentation, dark spots, or simply if you want to lighten skin to a few shades as a personal preference. Your results will depend on your own skin sensitivity and how much lighter your skin will allow it.

Yes, our products are safe because they do not contain hydroquinone, mercury or steroid. Proper use of a skin lightening regimen is the other part of the equation.

Hope that helps.


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improve skin colour
by: riza


please,how to improve face colour in black to white please tell me any tips


Hi Riza, our best recommendation to lighten face is Dermaline Black Soap and Skin Whitening Cream. It can lighten facial skin to a few shades or further, depending on your skin response.

For best results, sunscreen and moisturizing will also be a part of your skin lightening regimen. This will all be detailed in the accompanying instruction sheet, so read well.


My body color from black to white
by: Chuwi

Hi Mam...I want to become a permanent white color.It's better to take skin whitening pills or cream? which is best mam ..


Hi Chuwi, skin lightening is not permanent, just as when you use moisturizers, anti-aging creams, hair dye, or other hair/skin care regimen which are not permanent.

Our skin has its limits in lightening, and it will not go from black to white. Lightening a few shades is basically doable.

We do not recommend skin whitening pills anymore. It's expensive in the long run, because before you knew it's not working for you, you have spent a lot already to waste.

For overall lightening, your affordable and fastest solution is Dermaline Papaya and Black Soaps, Skin Whitening Lotion and Cream Set (Kit2). In a few weeks, you can determine the final results.


by: ab

hydroquinone tretinoin and mometasone has side effects???


Yes, AB, here's that page for hydroquinone side effects.


Colour Changes
by: Anonymous

No Changes.........your colour is your beauty.....think positive
By : Hari

can i
by: Anonymous

basically i need to improve my foot and arm colour to white from black,, is it possible?


Hello, lightening 1-3 shades is basically doable, and lighter than that will depend on your skin response. For dark hands and feet, this is what's best - Dermaline Papaya Soap and Body Lightening Lotion and use once a day. For best results, pls read the accompanying instruction sheet well.


Body Color
by: Chuvi

Hi, My colour is black but i want to go for skin whitening treatments, is it safe or any harm with that.give me any solution for me.


Hi Chuvi, skin lightening can be safe and affordable for everyone. As long as you choose products without hydroquinone, mercury or steroid, you'll be fine.

For overall lightening and brightening of skin, try Dermaline Papaya and Black Soaps, Skin Whitening Lotion and Cream (Kit2) for your purpose.

For best results, pls read the accompanying instruction sheet well.


changing whole body into white color
by: praveen

hi i need ur help to change my grl frnd's color to white. plzzzzzzzz gve me a detailed explanation.


Hi Praveen, we do not encourage changing one's color from black to lighter, unless the person itself requests for it for her own personal preference and improvement of self-esteem. We believe in one's privilege for self-improvement, a happier fulfillment and most importantly, it depends on an individual's preference of beauty. If your girlfriend has all these objectives, then I can recommend something for her own goal, and I really hope you understand that. A man should love someone for what she is, and not for what she can become.

Based on the foregoing, you can show her our skin whitening kits Kit2 and Kit3 for face and body lightening. It will come with an instruction sheet to guide her well for successful skin lightening.

Good luck and take care,

skin whitening
by: Nawrin

I'm medium it possible to change my skin color from brown to white permanently? Not only face also overall body.


Hi Nawrin, skin lightening is not permanent and you won't get a drastic effect of becoming white. Lightening 1-3 shades is basically doable and lighter than that will depend on your skin response - usually closest to your lightest skin tone when you were younger.


Improving skin tone..
by: Pratik

hi..myself pratik. i love my girlfriend so much.but she is slightly blackish in appearance. And thats why i just feel some confusion regarding merrage with her. Can i improve her skin colour tone???? Please help me, I am too confused..i love her so much..but please solve my doubt..and how???

Please...please...please...I dnt want to lose my love just because of skin colour tone...SO please guide me properly...


Hi Pratik, if I may express my opinion, one's skin color shouldn't be an obstacle when loving a person. If your girlfriend is happy with her skin tone, it shouldn't be a reason to change her because that's the way she is, unless she wanted to do it herself.

Skin lightening is meant to remove hyperpigmentation and dark spots on skin, or make one happier with her preference of beauty for skin. If your girlfriend wanted some improvement, then here's what I can recommend -

Skin Whitening Kit2 or Kit3 are our best sellers for face and body lightening.


by: rajni

yeh real me bahut faydemand hai.

whitening skin
by: priya

Hai It's very useful for me.

From black to white to Sai
by: Jan

Sai, I think improving your skin and changing color are two different things. I am a mixed female, Native, Irish and black, 33% Native confirmed by blood testing, years and a illness has caused me to grow disturbingly darker, I say disturbingly because my skin color darkening was indication that something was medically wrong, or abnormal, as having vitiligo is apparent and a indication that something medically has gone wrong. I would rather watch Television in color than in black and white.

There is nothing wrong with any depth of color or the many shades and becoming lighter and brighter is a improvement. I don?t think you really want white skin, albinos want color, people with Vitiligo try first to get there color back before taking the option to depigment there enter body.

I have tried Diana Stalder products and they have work excellently for me in a very short time. I am trying to make a photo diary to show the stages of my results, I hope you will be around to see them when I can get them posted.

My results were super quick, and kind of dramatic, I did not expect that kind of response.

I can only say think about your options carefully and while your doing that, try the products and see what happens, your results might be as fast and as dramatic as mine were but you will never know until you try.

You will never hear the answer yes or no until you ask the question. So you will never know until you try it for yourself, I went with the Diana Stalder line.

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