burning on my face

Hello. I recently bought the dstalder kit which contained a tiny 1 weeks worth of surely white lotion, cream and glutathione soap. I leave the soap on my face and it stings affter I wash it. I also notice that when I put the cream on afterwards my face burns even more.

Now I'm at the point where parts of my face feel raw. What's going on? Why are the bottles so small for such prices. By the time a week is up I'd have to wait for another order which doesn't help because skin bleaching requires continuos use, not a pause in between. I'm confused.


Hello, per instruction sheet, skin lightening should never be a discomfort to you. At any point that any of these normal side effects - dryness, peeling, redness, itching or stinging (burning) - are uncomfortable to you, reduce usage of the products according to your comfort level only. If once a day isn't fine for most sensitive skin, reduce to 2-3x a week only.

Diana Stalder products come in small lotion 60ml bottles only, and this is well advertised to compare with Dermaline 120ml size. Hopefully, they will come up with bigger packaging next time.

We also have provided a tip to make the lotion or cream last longer - to apply it on damp skin. This will not only save you money, but is best absorbed by skin, and get results faster.

For now, if you're hurting, allow skin to heal for 2-3 weeks, until skin has dried or no more signs of redness or soreness. Moisturize and wearing sunscreen are very important during healing time. Thereafter you can resume the skin lightening process with proper use this time.

Hope that helps.


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