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Looking for age spot solutions?

You’re not alone wanting for an age spots cure. I myself have them too for the longest time. But now, they’re the least of my problems.

Will tell you how, but first –

What are age spots?

age spotsAge spots, or liver spots (solar lentigines), are flat brown or black spots on skin usually on sun-exposed areas of the body. Ironically, they are not related to the liver function.

Liver spots are age related skin brown spots as one gets older. Age spots on hands, arms, face and shoulders are most common. These get darker in color with age and sun exposure.

Although harmless, you don’t want them, right? Even people in their 40s or 60s suffer in lower self esteem and search for a good age spots remedy.

Ultraviolet (UV) light accelerates the production of melanin, which is the dark pigment in the epidermis that gives your skin its normal color. The extra melanin creates a darker color, and age spots develop when these extra melanin pigments become concentrated in clumps.

Skin Alert! Did you know using commercial or artificial skin tanning lamps and beds can eventually result in age spots? So, be careful there.

Age Spot Solutions: What are the remedies?

Unlike other skin discolorations, age spots are very difficult to remove or fade because they are permanent skin changes. They won’t go away. But a skin bleaching product or laser age spot treatment (laser age spot removal) can lighten or destroy these pigmentations.

Other age spot treatments include cryotherapy (or freezing), dermabrasion and chemical peel.

Be reminded that your insurance will not cover the costs for any age spots cure or remedy.

The use of skin whitening products seems to be the least expensive of all age spot solutions. It can take a few months. But if you're patient, it'll pay off.

That’s why it’s my favorite. Because it works. :-)


Tight on a budget? Need good results?

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If your age spots are unusually a lot, rapidly increasing in size, or appear to have several color changes, consult a doctor. It could be a sign of melanoma, which is a serious form of cancer.

Just to be sure. ;-)

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