African American with very sensitive oily acne prone skin

by Payton

Hi Maria, I am African American and it seems as though I have adult acne and occasionally get break outs..I tried the African black soap and it broke me out bad leaving dark and brown spots on my face..I have very very oily and very very sensitve skin and because the traditional black soap irritated my skin and caused break outs please what do you recommend for lightening my face and controling the acne??? Do you have anything on this webiste that would possibly benefit me?


Hi Payton, if others have done it successfully, you can too. :)

The other good side effect of skin lightening products is that it can control acne, because of the peeling/exfoliation process that takes away excess oil and dirt from skin that cause blemishes.

My suggestion? Try Diana Stalder Black Soap and Lightening Cream.

Since you have very sensitive skin, use the products on your inner elbow skin. If there's no bad reaction, then it's safe to use on your face. Try every other day use for 1 week, before you apply daily.

Hope that helps.


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More questions
by: Anonymous

Hi Maria,

I have a few more questions. I am looking to also lighten my whole body and have sensitive skin so what do you recommend..I have read that for black americans the papaya soap is good but it may be too harsh for my skin, also how would you go about using the soap.

I have also heard bad things about mineral oil clogging the pores and not letting the skin breath and also parabens are bad as well yet you have both in your soaps and creams.

Thank you


Hello, the Black Soap is better for sensitive skin because it is a milder skin lightening soap.

We do have parabens and mineral oil in our inactive ingredients but in small quantities only, to stabilize the formulation and avoid bacteria from forming to protect our consumers. As long as these ingredients are not used in excess, it should be fine. :)


by: Anonymous

Hi Maria

I was just about to e-mail you again because I had not heard from you..Sorry to ask so many questions but I have a few if you can answer please.

1. R U saying that it is okay to use your skin whitening products with Proactive because that is what I am using to clear up my acne right now?

2. Does your products help with dents in the face and new acne bumps that are fresh (meaning about 2 days appearing on your face?

3. Sunscreen...What type of sunscreen would you recommend for oily sensitive acne prone skin..Right now I am 30 spf non-oily Oil of Olay but it does leave a white film on the face.

4. Can your products be used for removing makeup and for the maintenance part..what do you recommend in between or can you just use your soaps for both lightening and maintenance?

Thank you


Hi there, always feel free to ask questions. I actually encourage it. :)

1. Yes, though not always ok, it is ok for you to try and use both. Some skin types are fine with this, others are quite sensitive to handle different formulations. Just make sure you use either one in the morning, and the other at night.

2. Skin lighteners are also exfoliating products with mild skin peeling, that also gets rid of excess dirt and oils. In effect, a good side effect is the control of acne. If pimples are current, the products can help diminish them too.

As for the dents, it may help improve the texture, but not totally remove them.

3. Choose the spray- or gel-type sunscreen if you find Oil of Olay pasty, that is also non-comedogenic to avoid clogging pores.

One tip if you don't like the pasty thick feeling of sunscreen on face - apply a mist of water on face before applying sunscreen. You'll notice you'll only need a thin application to pread all over skin, which avoids the heavy look.

4. Except for the skin whitening soaps that you use to wash and cleanse face, the skin whitening products are not specifically formulated to remove makeup.

Starting form daily use until you reach the desired results, maintenance only requires 1-2x a week to keep the results long lasting. In between, you can use your other favorite moisturizers and cleansing products.


Diana Soap and Lightening Cream
by: Anonymous

Hi Maria,

Thanks for the suggestion.Just from reading numerous responses you seem to really care about your customers and that is very rare these days so thank you again.

I have used Mela*edited* in the past with no adverse reactions along with using Proactive and it helped somewhat. So I was wondering if your suggestion is kind of like Mela*edited*.

I don't mind to much if it takes longer to see my skin lightening up I just want to see the results and not have an reaction.


Hi Payton, you're quite welcome. Glad to help. :)

Different skin whitening products may or may not have different reactions with your skin type. So until you really try the product, you wouldn't know its effect on you.

If your skin still has fresh acne, you may choose to wait using Diana Stalder products, until after the acne has dried and healed. Or use skin whiteners with Proactive. You can experiment safely, because you know your skin best.

But with the Black Soap, I suggest you use it first (with the Lightening Cream) and see how the mild peeling effect can benefit controlling acne in the process.


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